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Wet Gear Laundry

Exmouth Laundry Services offers a comprehensive and expert cleaning service for all wet weather gear. For those who enjoy sailing, golf and anyone who enjoys water sports.

Many people who enjoy outdoor sports keep their own specialised kit and there are companies, especially in Devon, who hire out wet weather gear and wet suits for holiday makers who want to go sailing or surfing. Wet weather gear is difficult to clean as it is designed to deter water, which means well used wet weather gear requires specialist cleaning to ensure a quality clean.

Wet suits especially are notorious for retaining dirt, which builds up and needs cleaning out. Nobody wants to rent a wetsuit that stinks, it tends to leave its mark on the body wearing it and is far from appealing. Neoprene needs special care, you can’t just stick it in the washing machine without ruining it and the typical process of rinsing it in cold water won’t suffice for well used rental suits. We can thoroughly and professionally clean all wetsuits and accessories, including boots and buoyancy aids.

We offer a specialised service for cleaning and maintaining all forms of wet weather gear, including wet suits. The better it is cleaned, the longer it will last. It is always better to take care of your kit rather than buying new.

Our Wet Weather Gear Laundry services include:

  • Fully specialised cleaning service for wet weather gear on commercial contract or individual basis.
  • Thorough laundry service for wet suits and boots
  • Special service available for the RNLI.
  • Refurbishment and repair of wet weather gear
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